Good Day New York!

Jim Ryan, Lyn Brown, Lynne White (She’s beautiful!), Cande Roth, Stacey Ann Gooding, Cheryl Washington, Larry Hoff, Dick Oliver, Julie Golden.. Dave Price THEN and NOW… Rosanna Scotto THEN and NOW… damn, did they make me want to be a news reporter so badly! What’s even better is that they were the reason why I continued to watch Good Day New York.

As you can tell, I’ve watched Good Day New York all my life, specifically since I was five years old. My mother would put the show on to catch up on, well, the news, while keeping track of time as she hurriedly got my brother, sister and me ready for school.

Back then it was the only news station that embedded a clock on the lower right (or left side?) of the screen as newscasters delivered current events; the little clock kept us on top of both, the news and time! I remember how watching it always made me feel fulfilled in the mornings, and because of that feeling, I continued to watch it for the next 22 years of my life, except on two occasions:

  1. When they hired Jodi Applegate (I couldn’t STAND her, so I watched Good Morning America instead). That woman made me dislike the television news industry so much that I found myself buying newspapers anytime I could afford it.—Hey, I was a college student at the time! My money was dedicated to tuition and coffee!
  2. When Greg Kelly was probably suspended because of that rape accusation (in which, I did not believe the least bit). In turn, I watched The Today Show. I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t stop myself from cringing every time there was a noticeable interaction between Rosanna Scotto and those other fill-ins; I felt like they weighed her great persona down.
Proof that I actually did meet him.

Proof that I actually did meet him.

Not too long after hearing JA  was no longer  an anchor on Good Day New York, I decided to give the show another try. I fell in love with Rosanna Scotto, who replaced her, and grew to love Greg Kelly’s on-screen personality. As time went on and I continued to watch. The morning crew, as a team, felt like a modern version of my former favorites: Greg Kelly, Rosanna Scotto, Mike Woods (who I got to converse and take a picture with after meeting him at an entrepreneurial awards ceremony), Julie Chang (who I miss so much!) and Ines Rosales have tuned me back into the game.

This light analysis of my behavioral pattern with television news made me realize that the news being delivered are just as valuable as the TEAM delivering them. Thank you to the crew that reverted me to love and watch Good Day New York the way I used to!

6 thoughts on “Good Day New York!

    1. Hey, thanks Xandra! I think it’s funny that my first visitor to KRISSNESS was a total stranger who’s just as much of a fan of Good Day NY as me. We need to be their fans of the hour! Thank you so much for your kind words about my blog on Good Day NY’s Facebook page!

  1. Great post! I grew up in Detroit but I have a similar news team infatuation from my youth with the Today Show. Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric were my everything. Looking forward to reading more on your blog…

  2. yes, it’s kind of funny, that a news team if they have the right combination of stuff, can be like a regular tv show you watch: there’s fun, there’s drama and they end up being people you want to see!

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