Julie Chang Loved my First Post

I promise that the third post won’t be on the second or the first. It’s just that I’m thrilled about my first KRISSNESS post on Good Day New York. It had been recognized to the next level by Julie Chang, the gorgeous entertainment anchor! She posted a comment on Facebook under the link of my article and tweeted this out for the world to see:

(Of course I retweeted and favorited it). My gosh, this woman is going to go so far in life, I know it. She made me feel so good about writing and grateful about my spending my time on the topic. Do you have any idea how happy I got?! I totally archived everything, then called my sister and boyfriend right away. .. then sent a text to many of my friends. .. then retweeted her. .. and then posted it all on Instagram. HA!

I follow her on all her social networks and suggest you should, too because she’s such a sweetheart! Follow her tweets on Twitter @JulieChang and “Like” her on her Facebook fan page to show your love—OR write about her! =)

To all the writers out there: How did you feel when others showed you love for your writing?

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