Meet the Parents

Mama and I were getting in line to pay for our merchandise when I heard someone saying my name yesterday.

As I turned my head clockwise to search for the face of the familiar voice, I was surprised to see my boyfriend’s mother standing before us. The feeling of nervousness and excitement overwhelmed me that instant, and I finally let out a “Hi (insert his mom’s first name here),” and introduced her to my mom.

parentsAs the mothers were making small talk I hurriedly phoned Joey to tell him what had just happened.  He laughed and boy, did his laughter put me at ease! I don’t think either of us imagined our parents’  introduction to be done this way—without my father or him present!

I mean, I’m generally comfortable with my boyfriend’s parents. It’s just that this was the first time mama has ever met any boyfriend’s parent(s) of mine. And because it was the first time, it was meaningful—so meaningful that I had to take a picture to make the moment last!

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