How Does Everything Happen for a Reason?

everything_happens_for_a_reason_quotes“Everything happens for a reason,” says everyone to anyone who’s going through a rough patch.

I can’t fathom just how spot on that saying is. Like everyone, I’ve gone through so many struggles in my young life that every time I face a dilemma I’d always feel as though my life is over—until that “reason” surfaces. There are plenty of stories I can share with you, but I’d like to save that for future posts.

I want to share this audio that my friend, Sonia, shared with me. She and I have been talking a lot lately about various happenings that seem to come out of the blue; despite the unexpectedness of them we are both very aware that they’re happening for a reason. It was then that Sonia suggested I listen to this audio from The Moth of Darryl McDaniels (RUN DMC) telling his story on how his “angel,” Sarah McLachlan, revived him from his darkest moment in life. Yes, Sarah McLachlan

Listen to this audio and hear how McDaniels’s turn of events unravels through his darkest moments and sheds light to reason: Darryl “DMC” McDaniels – Angel.

Here’s an optional exercise—once you’re done absorbing this information, sit back and reflect on your own life. Leave a comment with an answer to this question: how did your “everything” happen for a reason? 

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