Do You Get What You Pay For at BP?

BP Gas Station has a semi-new incentive called the BP Driver Rewards. Register a free rewards account and get $0.10 off each gallon on your first purchase. After that, for every 20 gallons of purchase you get $0.05.

When I was first introduced to this rewards program I thought, “This is great!” I use BP gas all the time, so getting something back was just a bonus to me. I even tweeted out about the program the day I registered my card! But now I question if it’s actually worth staying a loyal customer after noticing a slight discrepancy in my purchase today.

BP Gas My $0.05 off every gallon reward applied to today’s purchase and I always but the Ultimate fuel. Let’s do the math!

$4.05 regular price per gallon
-0.05 rewards discount
$4.00 discounted price per gallon

$50.00 cash ÷ $4.00 per gallon = 12.500 gallons

If I’m not mistaken, what happened to my 0.028 gallon worth of gas?

I’m the kind of person who usually says something when there’s a problem, but I decided to handle this situation differently—it was just too hot to put up an argument for over $0.11. Instead, I’m going to pay close attention to my next two purchases at BP, document it and if the same thing happens, I’ll write a letter to Carl-Henric Svanberg and Bob Dudley about this unethical operation of business.

BP Driver RewardsIt may seem like a small amount to fight over, but it’s the principle of it. If this happens to a million of us in a day, (assuming all variables are fixed), that’s $110,000 a day that these folks are robbing from us.

It’s certainly “a smarter way of purchasing fuel” for BP. It’s called a “Driver Rewards” because we’re the drivers to their rewards.

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