Card Cuteness

I couldn’t help but give him the tightest hug and several smooches the moment he looked at me with the cutest smile on his face. “Happy Anniversary,” he said, “I want to show you something.”

Joel got up, pulled an envelope out from under his bed and handed to me. Thank God he didn’t forget about the greeting card because I would’ve been really upset. I opened the envelope and pulled out the anniversary card he had picked out for me: it had two tigers printed on the inside of the card peeking through the cover of two die-cut hearts. You all know my fascination with tigers considering I dedicated an entire post about them. The card’s default text reads “Happy Anniversary to the one I love. You make me feel so good—“ on the cover followed by “you know all my favorite spots,” on the inside. When you open the card, you’ll see one tiger just laying there and the other tiger is rubbing him with her paws. Play this Vine post of mine to see how it works!:

Isn’t it so adorable?! I’m pretty particular when it comes to greeting cards; never picky about what others give me, but fastidious about the ones I give to others. This HallMark really captured my heart because of how much it suited my boyfriend and me. The combination of card cuteness and his written words only made me want to hold him that much tighter.

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