What Susie Says of Sally Says A LOT about Susie

Women can be so mean and that’s quite unfortunate. This one girl in particular should be grateful that I never once agreed with people who have said unpleasant things about her. But now I see why they’re not fond of her—they knew something about her that I didn’t.

I recently found out that someone I don’t know wrote a paragraph long post a couple of months ago bashing me to her friends on Facebook. Of course I didn’t believe it right away. Once the rumor had been confirmed by three other people I, naturally, got angry. I thought about confronting the person since I did get a screen shot of her name, but then decided that she wasn’t worth my energy. The people who engaged in her post don’t know me at all, and the ones who do know me didn’t participate in the post with a “Like” or a comment. They read it, they spoke about it among one another, and they drew up their own conclusions. Four months later, the story got to me.

Luckily, it’s those who know me that remain kind and respectful towards me. That’s all that matters.

The moral of the story is What Susie says of Sally says more about Susie than of Sally. Remember that.

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