Blissful, Babyful Saturday


I was out late the night before for Timeless Truth’s show and woke up the next morning at 11:25am with less than two hours to go shopping for my childhood friend, Widy’s baby shower. I called my boyfriend to make sure he didn’t sleep in, but he had already been out and about to shop for his friend’s son’s gift. Thankfully, Joel offered to pick up my baby gift and drop it off at my house while I shower and get ready.

melbabyAfter seeing the picture Melina took of her beautiful girl in one of the baby shower gifts we got her earlier this year, I thought that the Bestever Lamb Mat was the perfect gift for Widy, too.

polooutfitforollieWhen Joel dropped the gift off at my house, he also left Ollie’s gifts with me to wrap. Typical Joey move. He picked out the cutest set of of Polo Ralph Lauren clothes (another typical Joey move) for Ollie.

Anyway, I got to Widy’s baby shower and a rush of memories bombarded me. I thought to myself, “Wow, Widy is pregnant. It feels like yesterday we lived in the same apartment building, running up and down the stairs in the hallway, sharing stories from Archie Comic Books, playing Chinese jumprope, and amusing ourselves with Cats Cradle and The Babysitters Club books.” sj_brunomarsRemember that?! Through so many diversions in life it felt really good to still be in touch her and her family to celebrate all the new beginnings of our generation; speaking of our generation, Cynthia is another childhood family friend who I’ve still been in touch with. She was also at Widy’s baby shower with her adorable son who just turned 1, Sebastian.

For the most part, I was able to participate in the major aspects of the event—the fun baby shower games, the cake cutting, and be a part of the group pictures. Wish I could have stayed for the gift opening, but I had to leave right  to rush over to Oliver’s first birthday party in Brooklyn. Right before I rushed out of there, I managed to take a pic of the soon-to-be parents and grabbed some cute elephant-themed cookies!

Joey and I missed a little more than half of Ollie’s first birthday celebration, but surprisingly made it just in time for his cake cutting! I took a couple snapshots of Oliver’s bite size themed party to share with you.

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