Meet Jonathan

JonathanThat’s an old picture of my first guy friend from college Jonathan, circa 2007. We haven’t seen each other since our graduation ceremony three years ago until today. To be honest, I never thought I’d hang out with him again after our college days were over. I felt like we went our own ways after graduation and would never find the time to meet up. Fortunately, that changed today.

We had a good time catching each other up on each other’s lives while eating scrumptious paninis from Il Bambino in Astoria. Jonathan shared some exciting news with me about some fortune of events that recently happened to him. I couldnt have been more excited! It felt like we were able to extract plenty of noteworthy information in three hours to compensate for the three years we missed.

My hangout with Jonathan reminded me that no matter how busy life gets, we should always set some time aside for the people we value. With that said, I can’t wait to hangout with Rama tomorrow night!

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