The McUsbay Wedding

I drafted this post two days after the wedding, but didn’t come around to posting it until today. It’s semi-perfect because today marks the newlyweds’ one week anniversary.

Witnessing the matrimony of my dearest cousin Niki and her now husband Matt was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen this year. It always makes me happy to see people in love, especially when the love is shown heavily from the guy. When my sister and I first met Matt, the first thing we said to each other was how we could see how much he really cares for Niki. I observed the way he’d palatably treat her like a queen. In Niki’s vow to Matt she mentioned how he had always been invested in her happiness more than she is in her own, and her words really stuck out to me. Her words to/about him were so honest and powerful.

The vibe of the McUsbay ceremony and celebration felt so natural and fun—just like the personalities of these two lovebirds. They even had official 4th of July pins made (that I’m totally going to rock) and a fun Photo Booth that Joel and I took full advantage of!


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