I’ve known this Pearl Jam song since I was in grade school, but this is the first time I’ve seen this music video recorded off one of their concerts.

It’s amazing how very few can really hold a concert where the crowd sings the first verse of the song while the musician solely plays his instrument. Pearl Jam is everything.

Better Man

I got to meet Akon last spring when he stopped by the office, and immediately my respect level for him increased exponentially. I wasn’t star struck at all, but his presence really made me happy. He knew my colleague Simone, yet wasn’t bougie at all and still gave me a big hug upon introduction. Wish I had a picture with him!

Why am I talking about Akon? Because I’m sitting at a Starbucks in Times Square with my headphones on listening to his Freedom album on iTunes. Freedom is probably one of my favorite albums of all time. Every song is catchy and gets me so amped. For a while, I used the songs as a tool to keep me motivated.

My favorite is Keep You Much Longer, what’s yours?

Random Akon Post

When “What a Life” debuted on DallasPenn.com yesterday morning I knew the rest of the world would pick it up. It’s a solo off Timeless Truth’s Rock-It Science album that embodies Joey’s truest values and the visual accompaniments complete it; the short, but powerful elements of his family members’ appearances gave the music video that much more depth.

Thinking back to the nights I’d listen to him spit the verses to this song leaves me teary eyed on occasion. I remember how much I loved hearing him say, “Lila Lauren, never will I deny you a gem. The livest men protect your honor that we die to defend.” And now, every bar feels just as impactful.

I’m so proud of my boyfriend’s newest accomplishment: having the world watch “What a Life,” a song that lyrically and visually hits closest to home—even Atrak loves it!

* Shout out to RTNC for the beautiful beats!

What a Life, What a Life