Introducing the Krissp Grilled Chicken Salad

Krissp Grilled Chicken Salad

Have you ever experienced a “proud moment” you just needed to share with the world? I have many times, but this one is just my proudest.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve officially perfected the taste [and ingredients] of my own grilled chicken salad! I’m so naming it the KRISSP GRILLED CHICKEN SALAD. Yes, if my boyfriend asks me to make him one of these, he’s going to have to ask for it by name. If he doesn’t, he’ll end up getting one of my amateur salads that isn’t as phenomenal.

Do You Get What You Pay For at BP?

BP Gas Station has a semi-new incentive called the BP Driver Rewards. Register a free rewards account and get $0.10 off each gallon on your first purchase. After that, for every 20 gallons of purchase you get $0.05.

When I was first introduced to this rewards program I thought, “This is great!” I use BP gas all the time, so getting something back was just a bonus to me. I even tweeted out about the program the day I registered my card! But now I question if it’s actually worth staying a loyal customer after noticing a slight discrepancy in my purchase today.

BP Gas My $0.05 off every gallon reward applied to today’s purchase and I always but the Ultimate fuel. Let’s do the math!

$4.05 regular price per gallon
-0.05 rewards discount
$4.00 discounted price per gallon

$50.00 cash ÷ $4.00 per gallon = 12.500 gallons

If I’m not mistaken, what happened to my 0.028 gallon worth of gas?

I’m the kind of person who usually says something when there’s a problem, but I decided to handle this situation differently—it was just too hot to put up an argument for over $0.11. Instead, I’m going to pay close attention to my next two purchases at BP, document it and if the same thing happens, I’ll write a letter to Carl-Henric Svanberg and Bob Dudley about this unethical operation of business.

BP Driver RewardsIt may seem like a small amount to fight over, but it’s the principle of it. If this happens to a million of us in a day, (assuming all variables are fixed), that’s $110,000 a day that these folks are robbing from us.

It’s certainly “a smarter way of purchasing fuel” for BP. It’s called a “Driver Rewards” because we’re the drivers to their rewards.