Oregon—the Perfect Pause from New York

Joel and I did some not-so-major planning prior to our trip to Portland. We were both very much consumed with work and attended a wedding the night before our flight. With four hours left to pack and catch a plane at JFK, I wasn’t sure how we’d make the most of our vacation without a plan.

Now three weeks have passed since I’ve been back home, and I still can’t stop thinking about that vacation—I don’t even think my trip to the Dominican Republic had this much of an impact on me. Everything about Portland was perfect: the food, the greenery, the company, the drive, the weather, the water contamination that pushed us to explore the city, the food … you get the idea. I couldn’t post all the pics that were taken during the trip, but here’s a few:

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For the first time in a long time I felt nothing but pure happiness: it was just Joel and me, our thoughts, our words, and our life with each other, away from everyone and everything we were familiar with, yet I felt so safe.

I hoped for Oregon to bring clarity to my life, but I really think I’m even more confused and fearful now. God, I feel so scared of life. I come back home to my bedroom and think about how scary this is to have so much trust and love for someone. How do I know I won’t get hurt again? I’m fucking scared.

Date with Debbie

IMG_0532Debbie and I planned to have lunch at Oki today, but upon arrival we found that the restaurant wouldn’t have been open for another four hours. Our set plan to have Japanese instantly switched to Thai food in the area.

I had a great time catching up with Debbie on random matters in life and extended the day into the evening at Cafe Benné, then to my house.

We spent most of the time in my bedroom, talking about anything and everything—it reminded me of our younger years when our endless talks involved sharing stories of assorted topics. I loved it.

I’m excited for Debbie and her wedding that’s happening in three weeks. She’ll be marrying the guy I introduced her to, and live happily ever after!

Happy Birthday Romane!

IMG_0911 For those of you who don’t know, Romane’s my coworker and today’s her birthday! Romane’s one of the coolest, most down to earth girls I know–amiable, funny, intelligent and very poised. In my opinion, had I ever met her earlier in my life and not at work, she and I would have been pretty good friends.

Like myself, she’s one who appreciates the little things and values its presentation like no other. So I gifted her with three pairs of socks, wrapped very cutely, and baked her a cupcake from scratch.